Live drawing tool

The “Live drawing” tool allows players to draw in real time directly on the stage. The audience will see the drawing appearing as you draw it.

Live drawingClick on the “Live drawing” tool icon in the left-hand menu and an overlay toolbar appears at the top of the screen.

The live drawing overlay appears at the top of the screen:

Live drawing overlay

Use the tools to select the colour and size (thickness) of the line you want to draw, then draw on the stage with your cursor.

“Erase” turns your cursor into an eraser, so that you can erase any parts of your drawing.

“Undo” will remove the immediate last piece of the drawing. If you’ve only drawn one unbroken line, it will remove all of it. If your drawing is made from several lines with pauses or gaps, it will undo the last one.

“Clear” will remove the all of the drawing on the stage, including live drawings made by other players.

Live drawing