Curtain tool

The Curtain tool allows players to close a curtain across the stage and hide scene changes from the audience. You can either use the default curtain or upload your own images.

Click on the Curtain icon in the left-hand toolbar. The curtain overlay appears at the top of the stage, showing all curtains available on this stage. Click on a curtain to close it on the stage in the way that has been previously set in the management interface for this stage.

Logged-in players can see through the curtain to prepare a scene behind it. The audience only sees the curtain, and the chat window (unless you have hidden the chat). They can chat together while you’re changing the scene.

To change how the curtain animates, go to Backstage and navigate to the Customisation section of the Manage interface for the stage. Here you can choose whether the curtain drops from the top, comes in from the sides, or fades in and out. You can also set the speed at which the curtain moves. These settings will apply to all curtains on a stage.