Modify media

Media edit buttonTo modify a media item that has been uploaded to UpStage, nagivate to the Studio and locate the item you want to modify. Then at the far right in the column Manage Media, click on the “Edit” button.

This brings you to the media item’s edit interface.

Assign media to stages

Here you can do the following:

  • change the media type using the drop-down list (avatar, prop, backdrop, etc.)
  • change the media item’s name
  • add additional frames to a multi-frame media item
  • assign it to stages, or remove it from stages
  • change the permissions
  • change and save an avatar’s voice
  • change and save a link for a prop or avatar.

For step by step instructions for each of these actions, please see the previous chapter, Upload media.

What modifying media does and doesn’t do

When you modify a media item in the Studio, these changes will take affect on all stages where that media item has been assigned. For example:

  • If you alter an avatar’s voice, this will be the voice for this avatar on all stages (although it can be temporarily modified on a specific stage).
  • If you give a prop or avatar a clickable link, this link will be active on all stages that the prop or avatar is assigned to.
  • If you add or remove frames from a multi-frame media item, this will alter the frames on all stages that it’s assigned to.

If you unassign a media item from a stage, this doesn’t delete the media item from the UpStage server. It will no longer be available to use on the stage that you’ve unassigned it from, but it will still be available on any other stages it has been assigned to, and in the Studio.

Save your changes

You must always remember to click the green “Save” button in the lower right-hand corner of a media item’s edit interface if you want to save the changes you’ve made.