UpStage has been rebuilt and mobilised by an international team of developers and designers in collaboration with the artist-users of the platform.

Development team 2020-2022

Lead developer: Gloria Willisden
Back-end developers: Gloria Willisden, Paul Rohrlach
Front-end developer: Nguyen Hong Phat
Interface designer: Elisa de Castro Guerra
Interface design intern: Riad Salemeh
Documentation: Helen Varley Jamieson, Elisa de Castro Guerra, Vicki Smith, Claudia Beezhold and Clara Gomes
Testers: UpStage community

Mobilise/Demobilise partners

The artistic and administrative partners of the Mobilise/Demoblise project have contributed in many ways – from taking care of the finances to providing valuable user testing, feature requests and finally creating the performances for which UpStage is designed.

Teater InterAkt: Sara Larsdotter Hallquist, Cecilia Nkolina, Manel Ruiz Blas, Parnian Faizi and Jesper Miikman.

Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz: Eva Ursprung, Katharina Aschauer, cym, Alexandra Gschiel, Eva-Maria Gugg, Doris Jauk-Hinz, Anita Hofer, Rebecca Hofer and Keyvan Paydar.

Centre for the Cultivation of Technology: Martin Modlinger, Susanne Eiswirt and Kristina Klein.

UpStage community

Many artists from UpStage’s global community have contributed to the testing and development of UpStage – during this project period and over the years, which has served to support and sustain the project. These artists include Petyr Veenstra, Miljana Peric, Christina Papagiannouli, Suzon Fuiks, James Cunningham, Katarina Djordjevic, Clara Gomes, Karla Ptacek, Leena Saarinen and Martin Eisenbarth. Without the generous and imaginative contributions of these and many other individuals, UpStage would not be what it is today.

Thank you!