Screen recordings

You may want to make a screen recording of a performance as well as, or instead of, a Replay recording = particularly if you’re using audio-visual streams, which aren’t captured in the Replays, or as an additional form of documentation.

Screen recordings of UpStage performances can be made using any software that’s capable of recording your desktop, such as OBS, QuickTime or many other applications specifically for screen recording. You’ll need to consult the relevant documentation of the software you choose to use for instructions on how to screen record.

Tips for screen recording:

  • make sure that you’re in audience view (not logged in) and that your browser window is full screen (F11);
  • check that your screen recording software is capturing the computer audio, and not any external audio;
  • you may want to make the font size in the chat window slightly larger, so that it’s easier to read in the recording;
  • close all other applications on the computer and if possible use an Ethernet cable rather than WiFi, to minimise lag and network interruptions.


Unless you’re part of the player crew or have been specifically asked to make a screen recording of a performance, you should not do so without the permission of the artists. Make sure that any distribution of a recording is done with the necessary permissions and appropriate crediting.

The audience is relatively anonymous in a recording, however it’s good practice to inform them that the performance is being recorded. You could do this via the chat, the cover image, or in other information about the performance.