System configuration

The System configuration interface of the Admin section allows you to edit links to your own Terms and Conditions and the UpStage manual, and set your own email subject prefix for email notifications.

Terms & Conditions

If you are administering an instance of UpStage where people can register an account, you need to provide terms and conditions for their use of the platform. You are welcome to adapt UpStage’s T&Cs to suit your own context, or create your own. Edit the link on the System configuration interface to make the link in the login and registration pop-up windows go to the correct T&Cs.

UpStage Manual

The default link to the UpStage user manual is to You may want to change this link, for example if you are working in a language other than english and want to use a translated manual, or if you have made a manual specific to your own UpStage installation within an organisation such as a university. Edit the manual link in the System configuration interface to have the manual links point to a different location.

Email subject prefix

If you enter text here, it will appear as a prefix to the subject line of any emails sent through the instance’s email notification system.