Allow auto-detected streams

Note: as of August 2023, RTMP streaming is temporarily disabled. We are working on improvements to streaming generally and have prioritised the Meeting and individual Jitsi tools.

The previous chapters have described how to create a Stream media item that must be assigned to a stage in order to use it there. As well as this, it’s possible to set a stage to auto-detect live streams. This feature allows any stream that is sent to this UpStage server to be displayed in the on-stage Streams toolbar, and operated by players on the stage.

This is useful if you want to incorporate spontaneous streams such as those sent by the audience. However, if other players are also streaming to the same server at the same time for a different performance, their streams will show up in the toolbar as well and could slow down the stage.

If you want to use this feature, go to Customisation in the Stage Management interface for your stage, and click on the “Auto-detect” toggle for streaming. When it’s green, auto-detect is on.

You can then give the stream server URL to someone you want to be able to send a stream to your stage – for example a volunteer from the audience or a guest you have invited who doesn’t have a player account. They can put this URL and any stream key into their streaming application (such as Larix or OBS) and once they’ve begun sending their stream to the server, it will be available on your stage – and on all stages on the same server.