This chapter provides solutions to known issues. If you have an issue that’s not listed here, please let us know:

Sweep your stage

When you are rehearsing and performing on a stage, it’s good practice to “sweep” it regularly. Just like keeping a theatre stage clean, your virtual stage will run better if you do the housework! Sweeping the stage will close off an processes that may have been left hanging and generally help the stage to run optimally.

The easiest way to “sweep” a stage is with the “Archive Performance” button in the Archive section of the Stage Management interface. As well as sweeping the stage, this will stop and restart the replay recording function, which can be useful if you later want to look back at a rehearsal, for example.

Known issues

Safari 13

UpStage will not function in the Safari 13 browser due to a bug in Safari. Please upgrade to Safari 14, or use Google Chrome.

Stage “offline”

If the status indicator in the top right corner of the live stage is grey and says “Offline” (instead of being red and “Live”), your network may be behind a firewall that’s blocking the ports required by UpStage. Please ensure that all standard ports are open. If you’re not able to configure the firewall yourself you’ll need to contact your network administrator.

iPads and tablets

UpStage works on all mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, using a standard browser. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari for the best experience on a mobile device.

If you have issues on a mobile device, for example not receiving streams consistently, it’s most likely a hardware limitation on your device or a network issue.

Be aware that some of the player tools are difficult to operate using a tablet or smartphone, and the drawing tool does not work with touchscreen devices. Unless you are only doing simple operations, players will find it easier to present a performance using a laptop or desktop computer. The mobile experience is primarily for viewing a cyberformance.

Scrolling on toolbar overlays (Google Chrome on Mac)

If you’re using UpStage in the Chrome browser on a Mac, you may encounter an issue with horizontal scrolling on the on-stage tool overlays (the bar at the top of the stage with media items and other tools). Scrolling to the left may result in going back to the previous page. This is a feature of Chrome and can be manually turned off.

To turn it off:

  1. Open a terminal and paste:
    defaults write AppleEnableSwipeNavigateWithScrolls -bool FALSE
  2. Then hit enter.
  3. Restart Chrome (by pressing Command+Q to quit it entirely – closing only the browser window will not work).Screenshot 2021-09-23 at 21 05 54

Drawing tablet issues

Drawing tablets can be used with the on-stage drawing tool. If you experience an issue with the pen only drawing dots, not lines, you may need to go to the properties of the tablet and add your browser to the application, then un-check the option “use windows ink.”