What data is collected?

UpStage servers collect network metadata as part of normal traffic processing. This is only used for debugging and usage statistics purposes. It’s compressed and deleted over time, and only anonymised statistics are kept long-term.

UpStage identifies your browser in order to determine if the Firefox configuration information needs to be displayed. This information is not stored or connected to any other data.

If you register a player account on an UpStage instance, you’ll be required to enter your email address. This is stored in the database and is only accessible to Admins of that UpStage instance. Passwords are encrypted using modern encryption algorithms.

Player / audience counter

player audience counterThe player/audience counter shows how many players and audience are connected to a stage at the current moment. The counter is always visible in the top right corner of a stage. The number of logged in players on the stage is shown next to a person icon, and the number of connected devices in audience view is shown next to a screen icon.

Note that in many situations there can be more than one audience member at a device. For example, two or three people may be watching together around a computer, or the stage may be projected in a physical location for a large proximal audience. The counter simply shows the number of connected devices.

Hover your mouse over the counter and a drop-down will display the nicknames of players and audience on the stage.

If you’re a logged-in player, you can click on another player’s name in this list to send them a message via Player chat.

When a stage is live, the player/audience counter also shows on that stage’s image on the Foyer.