The Studio

The Studio is a new media management system that has been released in January 2022. It replaces the Media section of UpStage’s Backstage, providing workflow enhancements and new features.

The Media section of this manual will be rewritten as soon as we have time.

Meanwhile, the key new features in the Studio are enhanced filtering and searching, and the permissions system for managing the use of your media by other players.

Filter and search

The ability to filter and search media is greatly enhanced in the Studio. As well as being able to search media by name or keyword, you can also add filters to refine the displayed list of media.

The available filters are:

  • Owners: display media uploaded by one or more specific players
  • Media types: show media of only one or more types (avatar, audio, prop, backdtop, curtain, stream)
  • Stages assigned: allows you to see just the media assigned to a specific stage or stages
  • Tags: filter by tags attached to media items
  • Date filter: select a time period and view all media uploaded within that period.

Copyright and permission

The Studio provides a system for players to set, request and approve permission for the use of media items by other players. The “Copyright level” column shows the status of each media item – whether it is copyright free for anyone to be used, can be used with acknowledgement, or can only be used with permission.

Studio permissions

A media item can also be set to “Not shared”, which means that other players will not have access to this media item.

Studio permissions

Use with acknowledgement

Acknowledge media ownership

This means that you are free to use this media item, but you must acknowledge the copyright owner. In the “Manage” column you will see a button that says “Acknowledge”, and when you hover over it, a pop-up tells you that by clicking the button, you are acknowledging use of the media by that player. The player will receive a message tell them that you are using the media. They may contact you or check your show to ensure that the media is properly acknowledged.

Use with permission

This means that you can only use this media item if you have permission from the copyright holder (usually the player who uploaded it). Click on “Request permission” in the Manage column for that item, and a pop-up window appears where you can write a message to the player. You should tell them in what context you want to use their media, so that they can decide whether or not to allow it.

The copyright holding player will receive a notification asking them to approve your request. Note that this notification is only within the UpStage system (at this stage) – they do not receive an email or any other alert that there is a request waiting for them. If they are not regularly active on this instance of UpStage, you may need to contact them through another channel as well, or ask an Admin of the UpStage instance to contact them.

Request permission